Pride MT 15

Technical feature
RMS 1750 W
X Max (BL 50%) 24 mm one way
Re Ω 3,2 ohms
Fs 26 Hz
Qts Qts
Sd 790 cm²
Vas 70 L
BL 26 (for Re 3,2 Ω)
Sens (1W/1m) 90 dB
Sens (2.83Vrms/1m) 93,8 dB
Impedance 0,8+0,8 Ohm / 1,6+1,6 Ohm

Physical feature

Magnet’s material High-quality ferrite rings
Magnet’s weight 6700 г
Frame material aluminium
Voice coil description High temperature copper voice coil with the diameter 3 inch
Diameter of the mounting hole 353 мм
Mounting Depth 198 мм

Hind: 385.00 


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